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Published: 10th August 2011
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Company Background
Kenneth Ayres (Aust) Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and family run business that commenced operations in 1973 in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood. The early years were spent developing ranges of presentation packaging to cater for the jewellery industry.

In 1981 the business relocated to larger premises in Reservoir. On this site manufacturing was expanded to include point of sale display, high frequency welding, thermo forming, PVC stationary products, resealable manchester bags, injection moulding, powder coating and large scale production of paper bags and carry bags.

With the addition of importing, warehousing and distribution the complex has expanded to some 3 acres. The company also has showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Today Kenneth Ayres (Aust) Pty Ltd has established itself as a leader in the presentation packaging and display industry. The success of the company comes from its solid history in presentation packaging and its ability to adapt to a fast changing market.

Our products cover a broad and diverse range to suit our large customer base.

Paper Bags
The Paper bag industry in Melbourne and Australia is highly competitive. Our company manufactures sheets, paper bags (see processes below) and imports carry bags. Our imported carry bags not only lead the way in quality, but our team of sales, art design and estimators, enable the customer to receive the most appropriate packaging for the task at the right price!

Our advantage is our range of options in carry bags, paper bags and food wraps. We utilize 10 factories overseas, 3 separate manufacturing divisions in Melbourne, and 3 sales offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. This enables us to provide you (or your customer) the best solution.

Raw Materials
The paper is ordered from the paper mill in the width to suit the particular size we are making. We use different types of paper including kraft, glassine, greaseproof, cast coated and bond paper. Apart from the different types of paper, we also use different grammages ranging from 35gsm to 100gsm in brown and bleached (white) paper. 38-50gsm Kraft paper is by far the most used paper as it is cost effective, food safe, and prints well.
The paper bags are glued using natural starch based glue. It is made in Victoria, like our ink and many of the papers we use.

The Bag Making Process
The time to make a paper bag is around 5 seconds. This time incorporates Printing, Forming and Finishing all simultaneously.

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